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There must be a new delivery of offal at the butchers as they queue ten deep outside. Today they would stand a good chance of being run over.
The butcher is no longer trading and the shop is up for sale. Not many shops survived the advent of the supermarket. Maud Reay’s, Firth’s, Barry’s, Whiteside’s; whatever you knew the shop as, on the extreme left - it’s gone. Next along, Woodhouse’s DIY closed a few years ago and more recently, so has Fry’s Pie Shop. Reids Bootmakers & Cobblers two doors up from Fry’s has long gone although Ginnie Reid lived in the house until her death. Just a few doors further up Jimmy Robertshaw had a thriving Grocers. On the same block, if memory serves there was a barbers and then on the corner, a shop that has gone under many names over the years. Currently it is MACE Convenience Store.
Looking East-Ish, Abercorn St to Island Road
Looking West-ish towards Ramsden Dock Road
Next block between Abercorn St & Ramsden Dock Road
Same block to Ramsden Dock Road
Both corners of Anchor Road & Island Road
Corner of Schooner St & Island Road
Back Anchor Road, Schooner Street. Johnny made & sold the finest Meat & Potato pies ever known on this planet. Don’t talk to me about Green’s pies ffft. Now part of Murrays the Chemist.
Sandy Black another butcher & pie maker although just where the filling for his pies was sourced was allegedly sometimes the subject of scurrilous and slanderous conjecture among locals. Until recently Denise Taylor’s hairdressing emporium.
Ramsden Dock Road
Ramsden Dock Ship’s Stores
Now, Hajid’s Post Office.
In the old picture, the right hand side of James Watt Terrace hasn’t been built yet. A cut above your regular terraced house, these handsome three storey buildings are an unusual design.
Victoria Terrace, Ramsden Dock Road. Then and Now.
The picture (left) is a blend of past & present. Remarkably, the actual facade of the shop has , survived over the years.
With kind permission ©Paul Culley
THE TEA HOUSE Just as the Coffee House became a landmark, so it was with the Tea House at the corner of Schooner St and Ramsden Dock Road, by having a tram/bus stop named after it. In those days the bus did the reverse of the present day route so the stop was about 20 feet (6 metres), away from the lads in the picture.
Test House corner Bridge Road 1960s
Same place 2005
L & R: Composite pictures of old and new. © Paul Culley
Loads on Bridge Road have increased a little since the 1960s
Above: Tram heading for Walney. left: Astute class bow section heading for DDH.
© Steven Horsfall
Tea House bus waits outside the Devonshire Hotel showing the reverse route to today.
Left: Crow Nest Hotel c.1970, Right: More recently.
Bridge Approach